A Bangon man floating produce down a river.

Every weekend many of the Bangon Mangyans harvest their excess produce and transport it to the lowlands to be sold. Many of the crops come from far up in the mountains, so floating everything down the river is the best way to transport it. Large tire tubes are used to float bananas and other produce down the river to be sold in the lowlands. Everything from ginger, bananas, coconuts, sweet potatoes, ube, and even charcoal come into town to be sold. Everyone helps transport goods into town, including children. Many Mangyan do not get a fair price for their goods, but are typically forced to sell them anyway. Tribe members will acquire small amounts of debt during the week from lowlanders when they buy rice or other products from their stores in town. Because they have this debt they are obligated to sell their products at a very low price. (Oriental Mindoro, Philippines)

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